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Vacuum Feedthroughs, Heating Elements, and Custom Thermal Systems for
Aerospace, University Research, Semiconductor, Medical and OEM Applications

BCE Products

Engineered Heating and Vacuum Products for Aerospace, University Research, Semiconductor, Medical and OEM Applications

BCE provides years of expertise, design and manufacturing epoxy feedthroughs, standard and custom electric heating elements, ceramic metallization, thick film elements, and laser drilling services.


Engineered and manufactured to UL standards by highly skilled technicians, our hermetically sealed assemblies and vacuum feedthroughs serve in military, aerospace, space simulation, Universities and semiconductor applications.

  • High-voltage protection.
  • Low outgassing for vacuum use on BCE epoxy based parts
  • High vacuum ceramic to metal seal
  • High temperature ceramic to metal seals
  • Ruggedizing to marine and military specifications 

All of our custom hermetic sealed assemblies are designed and manufactured to the highest quality and compliance standards (NASA ASTM E595). All are 100% electrically and vacuum leak tested before leaving our facility. And we can design and ship products that comply with ITAR, DDTC, DFARS, Conflict Minerals, ROHS and UL requirements.


BCE has the engineering, design and manufacturing capability to provide process heating system solutions. Clean gas and in-line air process heaters, circulation heaters, mass spectrometry and gas chromatograph heaters, thick film ceramic heaters, and semiconductor processing heaters. BCE can integrate and communicate with temperature control systems and panels to drive heaters. Other components and instruments such as valves, pumps, blowers, piping, temperature sensors, temperature transmitters and expansion tanks can be provided upon request with a BCE engineer.


Flexible Heaters are made from a variety of materials such as silicone rubber, Kapton™, mica, fiberglass rope, and fiberglass tape. All have either etched foil or wire-wound resistance elements. Fast responding with excellent heating profiles, these heaters solve many tough equipment heating challenges. Custom shapes and terminations are designed to suit. Rapid prototype service and stock available.


BCE Thermocouple and RTD's are offered in a wide variety of calibrations, mounting configurations, materials and sizes. BCE RTD and Thermocouple Sensor assemblies are designed for repeatability, accuracy, and stability over the life cycle of the instrumentation. Our sensor assemblies can be specially designed for challenging applications using our applied knowledge of thermodynamics, metallurgy, vacuum, and electrical properties of materials.


BCE ceramic thick film heaters are easily customized into a variety of shapes and sizes, and provide excellent heat transfer. Long life is assured by precise thermal matching between ceramics and resistor traces.

The ceramic substrates provide excellent hardness, wear resistance, and compression strength. The physical properties of the ceramic also provide optimal thermal conductivity and excellent uniformity.


Thick film ceramic heaters are perfect for application in analytical equipment, life science equipment, mass spectroscopy, medical devices, semiconductor processing, packaging machines, and in applications ultra-pure and chemically aggressive media.

BCE brings decades of vacuum and thermal expertise to many high technology markets, including analytical instrumentation, semiconductor, photovoltaic, medical equipment, plastics processing, foodservice equipment, packaging, aerospace and many others.

Vacuum Feedtroughs

Vacuum Feedthroughs

BCE is at the forefront of development of modern epoxy to solve your feedthrough challenges.

Electric Heaters

Electric Heaters

Electric heating elements for heating flowing gases, liquids, and metallic parts.

Custom Thermal Systems

Custom Thermal Systems

Experts in custom thermal system design and application.

Thick Film Technology

Thick Film Technology

Electric heaters in a low mass, low profile package, thick film circuits, thick film resistors.

Vacuum Feedthrough Thermocouple

Vacuum Feedthrough Thermocouples

Flanged thermocouples designed for vacuum operation. Customer specified flanges and sizes.

Thick Film Technology

CeraWatt Ceramic Heater

Compact, durable, highly efficient heat transfer.

Heater, sensor, feedthrough

Heater / Sensor / Feedthrough Assembly

Heat source, multi-point sensing, and vacuum seal all-in-one.

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