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BCE Improves Production Up-time with Custom Designed Extrusion Die Heater

Custom Extrusion Die Heater


In the plastics industry, extrusion plays a pivotal role, offering a continuous process adaptable for producing a wide range of finished or semi-finished products such as pipes, profiles, sheets, film, and wire coverings. The process involves utilizing extrusion machines fitted with various dies. To maintain the plastic's required viscosity, these dies often necessitate external heating. Traditionally, electric cartridge heaters were inserted into die holes, or custom electric heating elements were mounted to the dies.

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A significant challenge arose when a plastic extrusion customer approached BCE with a critical issue: their heater's failure not only halted production but also posed difficulties and time constraints during replacement.

Upon careful examination, BCE engineers discovered that the heater was designed as a consumable part with a limited operational life and lacked serviceability. To address this, BCE had to design a replacement heater that would not only serve as a drop-in retrofit but also be durable and easy to replace when needed.

The Heater Required Fulfillment of the Following Criteria:

  • Continuous Operating Temperature: Capable of maintaining 200°C.
  • Minimal Temperature Deviation: Precise temperature control with only ±2°C variance.
  • Custom Terminal Enclosure: Equipped with 10-32 tapped holes for compatibility.
  • Proprietary Mounting Fixture: Designed to fit seamlessly with the existing fixture.
  • Robust Heater Design: Engineered to support long-term continuous heating at 480V in series.
  • Ease of Access and Serviceability: The heater plate needed to be designed for easy replacement.


Leveraging their expertise, BCE's engineers successfully developed a circular custom heater assembly to replace the customer's original part. The design involved embedding custom tubular heaters into a precision-machined aluminum ring. The positioning of the heater terminals was meticulously engineered to facilitate hassle-free replacement.

With this innovative design, BCE achieved enhanced heater performance and efficiency, while also guaranteeing temperature uniformity within 2°C around the periphery of the extrusion process.

Moreover, BCE addressed the electrical insulation concerns and ensured adequate support for 240V (480V in series) in the heater terminal. Additionally, the aluminum ring enclosure was designed to allow quick and seamless replacement of the tubular heating elements, significantly reducing downtime and minimizing production losses.

The entire process, from reviewing the application to designing, developing, prototyping, and production, was accomplished within a remarkable timeframe, showcasing BCE's commitment to efficient solutions.

By partnering with BCE, customers can expect cutting-edge engineering solutions tailored to their specific needs, all executed with exceptional speed and expertise. Download the case study to learn more about this successful project.



BCE Engineering & Quality Assurance

BCE engineers provide decades of experience in design and development, delivering a wealth of empirical data and experience. BCE welcomes your custom requirement and will design and deliver a part that meets your challenging needs.

BCE is recognized for its commitment to quality and excellence by being certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.
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