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Rapid Response Required: A Molybdenum – Copper Stage Heater

Copper-Molybdenum (CuMo) Stage Heater


A research and development company approached BCE wanting to heat a 1mm x 1mm x 0.5mm thick component. This was a very sensitive part that needed to be tested to a maximum exposure of 200°C continuous with very precise temperature uniformity for sampling purposes.


Molybdenum – Copper Stage Heater needed to satisfy the following:
  • Temperature <201°C
  • Internal element must be able to withstand temperature <210°C
  • A cold section was not needed
  • Copper - Molybdenum (Copper-Moly) base
  • 12Volt, 3Watt (Max)
  • Two thermocouple type “K” external
  • M1 threads 


BCE produced a highly effective assembly which reached the temperature of 200°C in under 1-Minute utilizing only 2.6 watts. Because of the low mass and high conductivity of the copper-moly base, reaching the target temperature and cooling down was highly efficient.

There were two thermocouples which were used to verify the test temperature. One was an exposed bare-bead TC 36 AWG, with the second TC being a 0.062ӯ probe style unit. The M1 threads were challenging, however our process was able to make this happen. Call BCE today for more information.


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